Monday, May 25, 2009

Tea for Remembrance

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Let's get right to the business of announcing the winner of the tea charm.
The winner is LaTeaDah of Gracious Hospitality.
Congratulations to you and thanks for all those that entered.
The picture was taken in my sister's apple orchard, which originally belonged to our grandfather. My grandfather always had beehives in the orchard; so the beehives reminded me of my grandfather too. The thermos was grandpa's and he carried a lunch pail much like the one you see.
There always were Franciscan apple plates in the family. The cookies are Oatmeal Apple, a recipe developed by my aunt. This tea table was set in rememberance.
Happy Memorial Day! Remember those that have gone before us and remember those that have fought for the country that you live in.


martha said...

What a thoughtful tribute to your grandfather and family.

La Tea Dah said...

Thank you, thank you! And what a neat picture! Your setting is beautiful and the memories attached to this photo priceless!


Angela McRae said...

What wonderful memories -- and an apple orchard in the family, my goodness!

Annie said...

Love the table. I have the same Franciscan pattern. We've had it for 31 years from when we originally found it is its 12-piece place setting with assessories entirety, in a Riverside, CA antique and collectors shop.

paris parfait said...

Beautiful family tribute!

Steph said...

Congratulations, and what a great picnic!

Relyn said...

Your picture has set me dreaming.