Thursday, November 12, 2009

Farewell Provence

We came across several windmills as we drove through the country side of Provence.
I always pictured windmills in the Netherlands, but found them in France too.
Sidewalk cafes were a lunch time delight.
A bigger than life rooster sitting outside an antique shop.
I thought he was very pretty.

A castle in Roussillon. We thought we would tour the castle, but wouldn't you just know it was lunch time and everything was closed except the very fun marketplace in town.
On Friday we will leave Provence. I hope you enjoyed visiting there with me.
It was an area in France full of beautiful sights, quaint villages, and lovely country roads.


margie said...

so i was wondering where we are going next?

parTea lady said...

There was certainly a lot to see there. What a treat it must have been to sit at the outdoor cafe beside the river and enjoy the local cuisine. Does that castle actually have gargoyles on the turret? One looks more like a lioness. Did you keep a journal of all the wonderful sights?

Mary said...

That has to be I'Isle-sur-la-Sorge with the river and water wheels! We stayed overnight and so enjoyed the big Sunday market with antiques to die for.........and only for millionaires when we saw the prices!! Pretty town and yes, those riverside cafes were lovely.

I hope so much to return to Provence again, I truly loved it....and I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit Marilyn.

Marilyn Miller said...

par Tea lady - yes, they are gargoyles. So many of the castles and churches had gargoyles.

Mary - yes, that is Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. We went to the Thursday market and didn't see any antiques.

Southern Touch Catering said...

I think this was my favorite one. I love the old big rooster. Thank you for sharing, as this will the the closest some of us will ever get.

Gayle @ Mountain Moma said...

Oh, how I adore the castle! So lovely...thanks for allowing me to visit through your photos.

Sammy Girl said...

What a spectacular trip you are having! Enjoy the posts ... and almost can smell the grapes ...
Have fun!
Betty :)

dutchbaby said...

Thanks for the lovely journey! Nice windmill!

...mmm... said...

Oh, how I would love to go back to the French countryside. So romantic. I adored these photos.

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...mmm... said...

BTw, I just read your sidebar prayer. Amen to that!

Christina said...

pretty indeed! and in love with that glorious castle.