Friday, November 6, 2009

Picture Yourself Here

There is much more to share, but for today let us just picture ourselves sitting here.
It is so peaceful there looking at St. Julian Bridge (Pont St. Julian). It is the only bridge still surviving on what was once was the main road from Northern Italy to Provence. It was the primary route used by the Roman soldiers.
Breathe in the beauty of the history around us.
Enjoy the sunshine as we sit taking in the day.
Does this make you want to pull out your paints and put the beauty to paper
or maybe sit there with a book?
Better yet, close your eyes and picture what splendor once walked here.


parTea lady said...

Oh boy, can I ever picture myself relaxing in those beautiful surroundings. Thanks for sharing the photo and the history.

It's been a long time since I pulled out my watercolor paints, or my acrylic for tole painting. I do end each day with a good book though.

Southern Touch Catering said...

Cup of tea in one hand, art brush in the other, joy in the heart

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Oh my, how beautiful! I enlarged it so I could see it better! Very interesting history!

I used to do tole and decorative painting years ago, I keep thinking I will start painting again ...someday!


Jeanne said...

How lovely and beautiful
Love Jeanne

Relyn said...

Oh, yeah. I'd love to picture myself there. Literally.

Pam said...

Love it! Do you mind if I use it for my screensaver? I enlarged it, and would love to imagine myself there. Think I'll have to be satisfied losing myself in the screen.Just beautiful (with such a fascinating history).

Sammy Girl said...

Mmmm just found your blog. I Seattle this weekend, so missed your sale, but looking forward to reading past posts and "getting acquainted".
Hugs and have a great week!
Betty :)

Lois said...

Hi Marilyn.
I am really enjoying looking at your vacation pictures.
It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time.
Thanks for sharing.

La Tea Dah said...

I love the scene --- and it is more special because I've met the painter and the tea lady!

Gayle @ Mountain Moma said...

Excuse me, I am meditating on being there right now!

paris parfait said...

Definitely a lovely spot, perfect for a picnic!