Friday, November 13, 2009

Tea in the Garden

This is crazy, but we left Provence a day early.
It wasn't planned and we didn't realize it until we
were almost to Carccassone, France and we didn't
have reservations until the next night.
We went on to the B & B we had reserved for the
next night and she had one room left (out of only five rooms). The room was on the first floor and our lovely hostess said to get settled in the room, open the french doors, and she would bring us tea in the garden. What a welcoming garden it was. It was full of beautiful flowers and grapes ready to pick hanging over the trellis by the breakfast room. It was like sitting in the Secret Garden. It was an amazing serendipity to our travels.
By the way for the tea drinkers, the smaller teapot was for extra hot water to make more tea. And isn't that a pretty print on the teaware, it was from Scotland.
Have a wonderful weekend!