Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tea Time in Wisconsin

You don't think I would miss an opportunity to have tea while in Wisconsin, do you?
Really I was there for my nephews wedding, but there was still time for tea.
Christina told me that everyone visiting Milwaukee wanted to have tea at Watts' Tea Shop;
so off I went to find it in downtown Milwaukee.
I stepped into the door and was amazed at the assortment of china, crystal, and home decorator ornaments.
It had the feel of an old, very nice department store with tons of beautiful things.
But where was the tea shop, I wanted to know?
It was up the elevator to the second floor where there were more beautiful things to see and then the tea shop.
Even the tea shop was reminiscent of an older era of department store "ladies that lunch" tea room.
I arrived early and they were not serving afternoon tea yet; so I enjoyed there Watts' tuna melt on their own English muffins.  For tea I selected their chai tea with milk.  The tea and sandwich were quite tasty and enjoyed by me.  Another tea shop to visit if you are ever in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Afternoon tea is served at 2PM.