Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mooncakes and Pomegranites

With the last full moon the Lan Su Chinese Gardens had an evening fund-raiser.
There were about 15 restaurants in town serving small bite foods.
There was everything from mooncakes, cupcakes, spring rolls, and tea.
I just loved visiting the garden in the evening and thought the red of the tablecloths
and the blue lanterns made for a very festive evening.
We were able to wander the garden, take pictures, but most of all nibble at each table.
What fun to sample from so many restaurants and discover some new ones we
didn't know about.
There isn't much better than good food, nice music, warm cloudy evening,
and candle light.
I will miss those summer evenings, but looking forward to what is
coming with pumpkins and goblins to celebrate fall.