Thursday, September 22, 2011

One More Teatime Outdoors

Hiking last weekend gave opportunity for one more teatime outdoors.
It wasn't anything fancy, but it still was sipping tea outdoors.

I do believe tea taste better outdoors.
Added to our tea we had a stacked sandwich with egg salad and tuna.
Nothing special, just what we had in the cupboard.
Then we added Gravenstein apples from the Farmer's Market
and carrot cupcakes.  The carrots were from the garden.
Usually I frost cupcakes, but they were so yummy they didn't need anything on top.
There you have it, our tea party outdoors, an opportunity to celebrate the end of summer
with lovely warm pots of oolong tea and food from a time of harvest.

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Angela McRae said...

Those stacked sandwiches look great! (Of course, I am reading right at lunchtime ...) And is that a blanket you used as your tablecloth? I LOVE that plaid in the photo! Perfect!

Relyn said...

What a beautiful tea time and a gorgeous collage of images. You do know how to live beautifully, my friend.

parTea lady said...

Your outdoors tea looks wonderful. Stacked sandwiches, apples and carrot muffins are perfect for a relaxed fall tea.

I like those autumn colors teapots.

Sara Lorayne said...

And what a beautiful outdoors you have up there in your part of the country in which to enjoy such a lovely tea!

Caroline said...

Ohhh these are so pretty...such a lovely spot for tea!

Jeanie said...

That looks just perfect! I don't often have tea outside -- I think I should take a note from you on that!

Linda J. said...

Beautiful, Marilyn!!!

koralee said...

Pure joy...I love your plaid table fall like. xoxoxo

Mary said...

So many 'Delights of the Heart' at this special picnic - you made it so perfect Marilyn.

If only the pesky mosquitoes would leave (like in die!) I'd plan a picnic this weekend - but with all this rain I know the conditions, even when it quits, will not be conducive to sitting outside. Roll on the first frost and the last mossie.....but of course I won't be here then! Can't win - but do have the screened gazebo so not all is lost! I will make you tasty sandwiches and a carrot cake sounds delish - my favorite.

Hugs - Mary

anodyne said...

The beauty of this is the elemental simplicity of it all.

Rosemary said...

Love the colors of this collection of photos! Beautiful! I'm ready for fall... and would love to sit and enjoy tea with you today.

Anonymous said...

Oh Marilyn, I love your outside teas. All your blog posts lately with the beautiful greens and fall colors and rainy skies have made me so homesick for parts north - so much more since we had that big trip this year. Thanks for giving me a little bit of my PNW fix online <3

paris parfait said...

Looks delicious! Wish I were there too.