Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Delight and Wonder

The curiosity of a cat or a child at Christmas is pure DELIGHT.
Have you noticed?

When I was young my family spent one Christmas at my aunt and uncle's home.
My cousin wanted a doll desperately, she peeked into some
of the packages before the special day.
I will never forget the excitement when she saw a doll in one of the packages.
The next morning when the gifts were unwrapped the doll was for someone else.
 Oh how she cried.

Do you remember being a child and wanting something so badly?
I hope you were delighted when it was for you.
Do you sometimes feel that excitement now?

The train hasn't been out of the box for many years,
not since my children were young.
Having a new grandson inspired us to bring the train out
and what to our wondering eyes we discovered,
but a curious Joey.
What fun to watch this little adventure of the train
and see his delight.

The holidays are a time of delight and wonder.
May we keep the spirit of a child in our delight for the season.