Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mellow Down in My Soul

Recently while listening to music I heard these words,
"Mellow Down in My Soul".
At first I thought they were singing mellow down to my toes.
What exactly does that mean?
Here is the list of "Mellow Down in My Soul" for me.
1. Warm drinks on a cold winter day,
especially if they have a Christmas tree Peep residing there.
2. A delicious cup of tea, my favorite right now is from
teasource.com, Thurbo Muscatel, Darjeeling 2nd Flush.
3. Stepping into a warm shower and just standing there letting
the warmth envelop me.
4. Peeks of sunshine through the clouds on a rainy day.
5. A really good book to read while sitting in a comfy chair by the fire.
6. Holding my grandson as he sleeps, having him wake and give me a smile.
7. A note from someone I haven't heard from in awhile,
even if it is an email just to say Hello.
8. Christmas music
9. Someone to brush my hair.
Have you tried this? It feels so good.
10. Walking on the beach on a windy day.

What makes you feel mellow down in your soul?
or clear to your toes?