Thursday, December 27, 2012

Passion, My Word for 2012

My word for this year of 2012 has been PASSION.
A word I struggled with and must come to peace with as I rest and reflect on the year.
Passion seems like such a dramatic word.
 A word that comes to mind as being sexual, but it is so much more.
It is noticing what makes my heart happy, what drives me to do what I do.
I have noticed as a California girl by birth that barefeet and nature sing to my heart as they did as a child.
Moments of friendship, moments of quiet, seeing the stars and the moon at night,
smelling the baby smells of my new grandson.
Rejoicing in the colors of nature as I sit here sipping tea.
Waiting for the sun to shine again.
Joey sitting nearby just to be close for a friendly hug or just a hello.
Just noticing what I notice and letting my heart sing.
That is what PASSION is to me.

Did a word pick you this past year?
I hope if it did you learned something special from it.
Yes, a word has picked me again and soon I will share my word for 2013.