Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Swain Woods - Part 3

Violet told me about her sister, Rose and Daisy, and how much they cared for each other, for their parents had disappeared one day leaving them to care for themselves.  There was a whole community there to encircle them with love, to care for them and teach them the lessons of life.  They sheltered them from evil, from being scared in the dark.  They would stand over them as they slept and wrap them in soft leaves.  Bunnies would warm them on a cold winter night.  In the morning the dew would fill their acorn cups and a salad of newly unfurled ferns and freshly ripened strawberries would provide their morning brunch.

Soon it was time to dance.  As I ventured there more often, I asked about the darkness.  What was it there to fear for I only saw the light of day and it delighted my soul.  They told me of the evil one that sometimes came with the cloak of darkness.  When the moon was but a sliver, the darkness would appear.  Silently into the crevices of the woods it would permeate the night.  The stars would squeeze all the brightness they could shine to help the darkness disappear.

As long as the tiny sweet flower fairies kept their eyes on the stars and were sheltered in the nests, their hearts felt confident that tomorrow they would dance again.  You could hear a soft hum, a very sweet sound coming from the woods on those star lit nights.  It was a hum of happiness.  I knew if I also kept my eyes on the light of the stars, I would be safe from the cloak of darkness, the evil one would disappear.  I would wake to dance and sing another day.

Today there are houses built in Swain Woods.  I wonder if they ever find a fairy wing or hear the music there.

I hope you have enjoyed my little story.
It was fun for me to write these words and dream a bit.
Let us all keep dancing and singing.



Laurie said...

I loved it Marilyn, and will read it to my great nieces. They too believe strongly in fairies, and are always building little fairy houses in the woods and trees for them. I know they would love this. I would seriously look into having your story self published, so that it can be enjoyed by the children in your life now, and for years to come.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful enchanted stories............Whimiscal and beautiful indeed. Love and hugs

Marilyn said...

This would be a nice story to publish, especially since you have such wonderful photos, too.♥♫

Jeanie said...

I just can't wait until you are old enough to tell a sweet little boy this story -- and maybe even make a book to illustrate with you beautiful photos. No pun intended, but it is absolutely enchanting!

Mary said...

Yes, yes, save the story for D, even little boys like fairy stories (some big boys too, sorry couldn't resist that one!!)

Today's pic is beautiful, perfect for the close of the sweet story. I hope the woods are remembered by many, it's sad to think they've gone for ever.

Thank you Marilyn, hope you'll write more like this.

Love, Mary

paris parfait said...

Charming - hope you are telling these delightful tales to your grandchildren!

relevanttealeaf said...

I enjoyed your Swain Woods writings. Keep dancing...singing...and writing!