Thursday, July 18, 2013

White Flowers

White flowers remind me of brides, wedding dresses full of froth, and cakes standing tall.
Daisies have a sweet tenderness of a blushing, innocent bride.

Ahhh, the fragrance permeates the day with smiles and joy.

The bouquet delights the eye.

The flowers are like icing on the cake.
Sweet is the day of white flowers cascading down and petals raining from above.

Do you love flowers?
What color is your favorite?
They make my heart sing to see all the colors of the rainbow,
but white just reminds me of a special time.


Jeanie said...

What a beautiful theme for a post. It's hard for me to pick a favorite, Marilyn, because I love them all. Although I have to say a bouquet of white hydrangeas with a few green sprigs of mint sets all my juices flowing!

Marilyn said...

My favorites are usually what is blooming right now in my garden! But, I'd have to say the earliest violets could be my most favorite.♥♫

Gail said...

Beautiful pictures. I can see and feel and smell them., Glorious,

I love lilacs, the scent is so wonderful. My Mom's favorite is the gardenia!!
Love to you

Sylvia said...

I love flowers,Daisies are one of my favorite but I'd have to say Roses are #1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comment, Marilyn. I am now following yours.

Sylvia @ agrandmasblessings

Steph said...

I love white flowers at dusk, which comes pretty late this time of year!

Laurie said...

I love flowers, especially whites, yellows, pinks and reds. Yours are so beautiful Marilyn!

Lorrie said...

Your white flowers are so beautiful. Isn't visiting your garden every day a delight?
My favorite color for flowers would be blue - hydrangeas, delphiniums, cornflowers. But for a combination, I love white roses and blue hydrangeas.

Tracy said...

Soooo LOVELY! Tough choice, though, as I do love lots of flowers. But tops would be roses and orchids. I like most flowers in shades of pink, blue, purple and white. I dream of having a garden room in whites and silvery greens--a bit like the garden room at Sissinghurst in the UK. :o) Happy Weekend, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Mary said...

It's hard to choose a color, all flowers being so exquisite, each in their own way..........but I too love white blooms, and loved your daisies, simple and clean looking, standing so tall.

Of course blue hydrangeas are always dear to me, pink clematis, and remember the delicate pink fuchsia we saw, delightful dangling 'ballerinas' of the flower world.

Springtime bluebells, pale yellow wild primroses in the English hedgerows, fields of Dutch tulips of every hue, heavy heads of 'bowl of beauty' peonies, Peace roses, New Dawn pink climbers, brilliant blue delphiniums, purple lupins and violets, blue-eyed forget-me-nots.............and so many more!

Yes, love them all.........cannot really choose a favorite flower or color, just know I want them around me as, like music, flowers are a huge part of a happy life.

Love, hugs, wishes for a wonderful day.
Mary X

Linda said...

Our borders have suddenly turned romantically beautiful with lots of white
cornflowers and daisies. They look good near the masses of pink roses and wild geraniums.

beth said...

i do and the ones in the kitchen i just brought home are white with dustings of pink and burgundy.....

i love them !

relevanttealeaf said...

Sunflowers are my all-time favorite. I love their cheerfulness. Lovely floral photos!