Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Eye Candy

Ahh,ha!  What did you think when I said eye candy?
Oh I can just imagine!
 Do you notice when you see it?
 Do you savor the sweetness of the moment?

Sending you a bit of sweetness in your day.
Take time to notice, no harm in that.
I certainly do.


Steph said...

:-) Thank you for the images!

Angela McRae said...

Pretty photos! Yesterday and today I was examining the landscape looking for signs of spring, and I found the first little leaves of a peony!

Kamana said...

now i want some m&ms.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful and thanks for all of your postings
Much love
Jeanne ^j^

Mary said...

Oh the pink blossoms……my eye caught a tree blooming last week as I drove by…….I'm scared to go back to look after the killing sleet and 10F of the night before last! My daffodils never did stand up again - I'm sad!

Love, Mary

parTea lady said...

I like your photos. Lately I'm trying not to notice sweets. ;-)

Jeanie said...

Every one of these images says eye candy to me! I love them all -- delicious!