Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Queen of Heart's Garden

When I look out my kitchen window and see this sight I am reminded of 
the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.
These are not roses, but camellia's.
Having about 35 camellia plants we have a large variety of colors and styles.
The leaves may look a bit choppy because this is a hedge and it does get trimmed
a few times each year.
Camellia's is one flower I prefer not picking because they turn brown when touched
and just smile for so much longer when left in the garden.

Don't you just think the Queen of Hearts would like some camellia's in her garden to enjoy?

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Lorrie said...

Camellias are in bloom, here, too. They are beautiful, and so appreciated at this time of year when things are just beginning to bloom.

The Charm of Home said...

Your blooms are beautiful! I love when things are green. Our grass is still all dead. The green is coming soon.

Steph said...

When I die, I could come back as a camellia in a tea-lover's garden and be happy!

Madelief said...

What a beautiful view you have from your kitchen window Marilyn!

Madelief x

Angela McRae said...

I had no idea you had so many camellias! They are lovely!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I think so! So pretty.

Bernideen said...

I think you are spoiled Marilyn - having that view right out the window - incredible.

Adrienne said...

Yesterday we looked at a house for rent with our daughter. It was a cute house but tiny. It won't work for them but in the side yard I discovered the most beautiful pink camellia tree - loaded with blooms. And I decided right then and there that I MUST add one to my yard. Somewhere that can be seen from my kitchen window so I know the moment its Spring blooms appear. Yours are gorgeous! What a treat to know that Spring is just around the corner - it's 'bustin' out all over'!

Jeanie said...

These are gorgeous. Sad you can't pick, but then you have such a bountiful bouquet every time you pass by, I suppose it's the same. I remember my mother mentioning camellias. They're lovely.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful flowers indeed.
Much love and many blessings
Flowers are food for our souls.
Love Jeanne

Deborah Montgomery said...

These are beautiful, and so perfect, the first one almost doesn't look real! What a pretty sight out your window.

Linda@arichtapestry said...

Gorgeous camellias. I didn't know that they turned brown if picked. I see them on hedges and bushes in the neighbourhood and they brighten up the area even in the Winter time. The plant must be very hardy as well as beautiful.

paris parfait said...

Beautiful - camellias were Coco Chanel's fave flower, after all. :)

Joy said...

Oh, this post touches my heart. Those Pink Perfection camellias were my mother's very favorite - we had two huge bushes of them outside our home. But she loved them all, and I really enjoyed all your pictures of them. Sweet memories. Hugs to you!