Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Find Delight

Recently I celebrated my 71st birthday with friends and family.
I also picked up the magazine, Somerset Life.
Thoroughly enjoying the magazine I realized all these women featured there
are much younger than myself.
The blogs I read are most often all younger writers too.
I began wondering if there was something I was missing or is there
something I have to offer as a woman of 71?
I still am not sure what that is, but I know that I immensely enjoy sharing
beauty and delight here on my blog.
I could share about aches and pains of getting older or of the loneliness
of not being around people as often anymore since retiring.
I could share how I need to take a more concerted effort to get myself
out of the house and find adventure.
But when I retired I chose to find the delights of life and share them with you.
So please, dear friends, take time to focus on delight.
What makes you happy and fills your heart with JOY?


Mark said...

One of the things I enjoy almost daily is stopping by this great blog and reading and seeing positivity. I always feel good leaving here. Happy belated 71 to you.

Adrienne said...

Enjoy each day, my friend! You bring such beauty and joy to my heart every time I stop to read your blog - even when I don't leave a comment. Keep up the good work. You inspire me!

S. Etole said...

It's always a joy to visit here. (I just turned 69 a couple of weeks ago so I'm not far behind you.)

Mary said...

Oh dear, sweet Marilyn……..I'm planning to follow you when you're 81 and 91……the good Lord willing! And don't forget, I'm only a few months behind you!!!

Yes, you have much to offer - hoping to come back for another visit one of these days and we'll go off gallivanting together and have a ball again!

Love you, Mary

Deborah Montgomery said...

Happy belated birthday! I just started following you, and I'm a new blogger. But I'm blogging for the same reasons -- to share beauty and joy, to find delight in the simple things around me. I don't think that ever gets old!!

Sylvia said...

When I was younger, I worked in a nursing home and on the wall was this large sign that said "Love is Ageless" I've never forgotten it. No matter the age you can find joy and inspiration from everyone! I recently turned 68 so you're not alone. Keep on Blogging! You never know who you may inspire.

Jeanne said...

Take Care.. ツ ツ


No more winter no more snow, time to watch the flowers

grow. (✿◠‿◠)

Jeanne said...

Take Care.. ツ ツ


No more winter no more snow, time to watch the flowers

grow. (✿◠‿◠)

Joy said...

You have SO MUCH to offer, Marilyn, and I appreciate your sharing it with your readers. Happy Birthday hugs and wishes for many more birthdays to come.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh dear Marilyn! we are so very alike!
I turned 72 two days ago on the 19 March!!!
What makes me happy is meeting other like minded souls just like us - and looking at life with a joyful perspective in everything I do!
Your writing inspires me to put pen to paper each time I read your blog.

Wishing you a very happy belated birthday - we're March girls together!!!

Shane xox
(I'm like the white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland this morning - I'm late!!! Rushing out the door to work)!!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I totally identify with what you are saying! I'll be 74 next month! It's only a number and we are living in a great time with medical marvels, and no one really looks their age anymore! ;-)


Jeanie said...

Oh, you have plenty to offer, my friend! And I love every bit -- whether it is a tea post or something lovely like a set-up or a garden or D. But I know what you mean -- The demo is younger in terms of whom is featured (although not that much younger in terms of users -- if you and I are any indication!)

Linda@arichtapestry said...

You're young at heart, Marilyn, and it reflects in your lovely blog. Happy belated birthday!

Angela McRae said...

What fills my heart with joy is realizing I have been friends with a woman I did not realize was 71 -- she is so happy and lighthearted (to me anyway!) that I think of her as being *younger* than I am!