Friday, March 28, 2014

Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination  Click to hear music to inspire your imagination.
Yes, imagine Spring is coming with beautiful flowers and sunshine days.
Thanks, Vanessa, at A Fanciful Twist for the link.
It put me in the right kind of mind to dream a bit and imagine a world of beauty.

Can you dream it?
Dream a little dream of sweet smelling flowers
and fairies dancing underneath.
Violets popping up everywhere.
Wear them in your hair or tuck them in your salad.
Surround yourself with imagination and dream of Springtime.
I hope it is making an appearance in your part of the world,
this is my world with a bit of rain today.

Happy weekend, dear friends!
Now take yourself outdoors to celebrate Spring!


Kamana said...

looks like spring has well and truly arrived for you.

Jeanie said...

So awfully pretty. Still in the 30s and rainy gloomy so I will live vicariously through your posts!

Steph said...

I hope spring temps come soon to our friends in the East! I'm imagining it for them!

Angela McRae said...

I had forgotten about the song from Willy Wonka! Thanks for the memory!

paris parfait said...

Lovely spring blossoms. Daffodils are popping up here and there in our garden. But the weather still doesn't feel very spring-like here!