Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let's Talk!

Grandpa and D talking.

Do you ever give thought to how people converse?
Off and on throughout my life I have given this much thought.
So let's talk!

When I was growing up, people thought I was just shy or quiet.
I have always been better at communicating in writing than talking.
I wondered why; so I paid attention.
What I have noticed is that so often others don't really listen
because they are so busy thinking about what they want to say.
They interrupt and talk over others.
They don't really hear.
I have found if I take a pause in my sentence others find the
 opportunity to say what they want to say without allowing the sentence
to be completed.
A frustration, indeed, but one I see in so many conversations.
So I listen and say very little.

In writing the words can come out without being interrupted
and if they aren't heard, then we really don't know that.
If you talk to me one day and think I am a quiet person,
don't be surprised if you could hear what is in my heart.
It is a heart with many words, with laughter and silliness,
sadness, and thoughts that just don't go away.
If you are sitting with someone you think is quiet and shy,
just stop, take a breath, and listen.

For the next week or so my posting may be erratic, as I am on
an adventure for which I will share as time permits. 
Don't worry if your comment doesn't show up at first,
I will still be monitoring and I just love reading your comment.
Thanks for visiting me and listening!


Jeanie said...

I think you really nailed it. Sometimes we pause for effect, sometimes because we want the words to come out exactly as we mean them. Words are so special. I believe you may have watched or remember when I posted the link to my stutterer-friend Sharon's TedX talk on "The Disabled Listener." I can't remember if she said it in her talk or in a related article that to the stutterer, spoken words -- every single one -- are precious. I think that holds true for any deliberate speaker who wants their words correct, fluid, beautiful and just exactly what they mean. What a wonderful and though-provoking post!

Lorrie said...

You and I must be kindred spirits. Writing is my preferred means of communication and although I seem quiet and even standoffish to others, I'm full of thoughts and words and yes, silliness, inside.

Such a great reminder to take the time to really listen to others.

Enjoy your adventure!

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Congratulations on the special wedding anniversary! I know "Grandpa" is loving his conversation with that special fellow!

Angela McRae said...

Sweet, sweet photo of your two handsome boys! And I so agree with what you're saying about people not listening. If I find I'm being talked over, I usually just give up and sit there and smile, letting others fill the airtime! :)

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

A beautiful moment you captured with your camera.

I'm another kindred spirit Marilyn and like you I'm a listener.
I am a thinker but I rarely share my thoughts.

I find people seldom want to engage in a two-way conversation. Yes they make eye contact but I can tell they are impatient for me to finish what I have to say, as a result they aren't really interested in my opinion or that of anyone else for that matter!
I switch off as soon as someone talks over me, it is so rude.

The art of conversation was alive in our grandparents generation before the days of iPhones, texting and the like.

My parents were great conversationalists and encouraged all their children to have opinions but to be a gracious listener as well!