Tuesday, June 24, 2014

When in Hawaii?

 When in Hawaii we ate lots of poke.
I didn't know what it was, but soon learned it was delicious fresh
fish in different spicy seasonings.
We bought it at the market and made salads in our condo.
Just delicious and so very fresh!
 Then there were coconuts.
 And a pig roasted under ground.
 The luau had three tables full of yummy delights.
 Lots of fruit at the farmer's market.
 Special Gyokuro tea sprinkled with gold dust.
 More coconuts and frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and macadamia nuts.
More little bananas were just the right size!
I didn't get a picture, but I absolutely loved shaved ice with tropical flavors.
What treats we found there.
Oh you must go and experience for yourself.
You won't be sorry.


Rosemary said...

What culinary delights! I love the coconut stand.. and the gold dusted gyokuro tea - looks magical!

Linda said...

The fresh food looks delicious and inviting - so colourful and I'm sure very fresh and refreshing. Lovely special touches such as the flower decoration on the plate and the gold dusted tea.

Steph said...

My mouth is watering!

Lorrie said...

It all sounds delectable!

parTea lady said...

Your photos are great and really give a sense of the wonderful foods in Hawaii.

We have friends who lived there for many years and we are hoping to travel to Hawaii with them in the next couple of years.

La Tea Dah said...

Oh, how yummy sounding and beautiful looking. I love the teacup with tea and gold sprinkles! Amazing! A true delight!

Jeanie said...

Oh, definitely, when in Rome (or Hawaii!). It all looks so beautiful and I'll bet the flavors were fabulous!

Angela McRae said...

Much as I love coconuts, pineapple and macadamia nuts, I think I could happily enjoy the Hawaiian diet!

Mark said...

For the food alone it looks like I should go. Great shots of the food.

martea said...

What a wonderful celebration vacation!
So glad they had a frozen banana stand for you:*) I must say one with macadamia nuts sounds awfully good.

Joy said...

Looks and sounds wonderful!