Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tea Time on Kauai

Yes, this tea lady went to afternoon tea on Kauai.
The only tea experience I could find was at the St. Regis Hyatt hotel in Princeville, Kauai, HI.
The view sitting by the window was spectacular.
The presentation was lovely.
The savories were a grill squash and red pepper sandwich, curry chicken in a pastry shell, and smoked salmon with a very thin slice of cucumber, cream cheese and salmon row on top.
My tea was an English Breakfast tea.
Our table was covered with food, as there was also a plate with 3 scones and 2 sweet breads,
plus a small plate with 2 biscottis and 2 cookies.  With the scones there was also lemon curd,
raspberry jam, and marscapone.
Then there was dessert: pistachio and mango macarons, lemon tart, cream puff, chocolate tart, blueberry tart, and not sure what kind of tart with coconut.
There was so much we took a lot of the sweets back to our condo and everyone enjoyed in the evening.
Here is the very happy tea lady to have had afternoon tea in Hawaii.

I love being a tea lady on vacation and finding time for tea.


La Tea Dah said...

Perfection. I'm so glad you were able to experience this tea event. A memorable anniversary that you will never forget.

Time Traveling in Costume said...

I wished I had known this was there when we were in Kauai. I had a lot of free time since hubby got badly sunburned, but then my last two days I came down with the flu. :( But it was beautiful and I loved the red dirt. Still have stains from it.
Looks like you're having a relaxing time.

Laura said...

What a wonderful tea and a lovely place to have it! Enjoy your time and thanks for sharing with us.

Angela McRae said...

Oh my, that is one of the most elegant tea presentations I've ever seen! So glad you found time for afternoon tea on your trip, and I can't wait to hear more about it!

Jeanie said...

I would expect nothing less of a tea lady! But what an embarrassment of riches (or rich treats, as the case may be!). I wouldn't be able to fit into my traveling clothes after all that -- and I wouldn't care, either!

Mary said...

Lovely, lovely you in Hawaii!
Glad it's fun and tea looked awesome.

We're off the ship now and in Bath, England - so fabulous and weather is perfect. To London tomorrow for a few days then flying home.

Love and hugs - Mary

Tracy said...

Hi, Marilyn! So lovely to catch up with you after our travels! We go back a few days ago after a wonderful time with family and days out & about. :o) Look at you in Hawaii--so exciting! And tea in Hawaii looks especially festive! Those petite desserts are gorgeous... *swoon*... We had tea at sweet little tea room while away. will post. They offered breakfast & lunch as well as tea. Tea on vacation tastes extra good, doesn't it?! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Rosemary said...

What a fantastic afternoon tea - the culinary expertise of the staff at St. Regis is above and beyond - wow! And what a beautiful view! You found a treasure!

Joy said...

How lovely! I'm so glad you were able to find such a nice place for tea.

martea said...

Loved, loved, loved the visual of every morsel....
Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my goodness, what a special tea for a special anniversary. One I am sure you will always remember. Clarice

Steph said...

Ooooh, I had been long anticipating this post! So lovely and wonderful. So glad you go to go!!