Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday's Quotes


A little housemaid aproned
In flower-sprigged dimity,
She wakens robins, meadowlarks,
The earliest honeybee.

A green scarf wound and knotted
About slim, sinuous hips,
She draws a crimson rose across
Provocative red lips.

Gowned in larkspur-blue chiffon,
She fills a smoke-grey jar
With spice and petals, and then holds
A long spill to a star.

Curves of loveliness revealed
By drapes of blowing tulle,
She kneels to kiss a shadow of
The moon's face in a pool.

~Ethel Romig Fuller, Kitchen Sonnets

A poem is an extra long quote, I do believe.
Welcome to June with it's explosion of color.
I can't help just sharing flowers from my garden.
They are just amazing right now and
I am truly delighting in them.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Marilyn:

And we have delighted in both the poem and your beautiful images. A splendid way to welcome in the first month of summer with all its glories.

Catherine said...

I don't blame you for enjoying these beautiful flowers so much. Thank you for posting these lovely pictures and sharing your quotes.
Blessings, Catherine

Lorrie said...

Lovely personification in that poem. Evocative of the changing light and feeling of summer days. Beautiful

Angela McRae said...

Oh my ... lovely photos and a lovely poem as well! Would you mind sharing the name of that last rose? I adore that pretty peachy-pink color scheme!

Jeanie said...

Your garden must be glorious and so fragrant "in person." It's a wonderful poem but the flowers are all the more so!

La Tea Dah said...

Lovely pictures and that is a wonderful poem.