Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jasmine Pearl - Delicious!

 Chuck, one of the owners of Jasmine Pearl, is making tea
for the grand opening celebration last week for their renovation.
When asked what I would like to taste I knew immediately.
I had heard their Yuzu Black was good and I really needed to taste it.
Oh my goodness! Delicious!
It is a Japanese Black Tea with Yuzu Citrus Fruit Peel.
"Both ingredients were grown by Nobuyuki Koni shi-san, 
a small tea farmer in Shizuoka, Japan."
Now I noticed it isn't on their website, but I am guessing you could call them
or email them to order some.  Here is their website:  www.thejasminepearl.com
It was fun to visit their teabar and browse in the shop.
There is a couple more pictures of the shop at www.beautifulPDX.blogspot.com

What's in your cup today?
Are you finding any special teas?
Happy Sipping!


Bernideen said...

And what a wonderful tea that will be too. I love the windows on the building. I hope he has many guests and customers!

Margie said...

Nice teabar!

I'm enjoying a mug of "Melon Drop", a fruit infusion by Davids Tea. It's light and sweet--the perfect tea for spring!

beth said...

i'm in love with some new ones from whole foods but can't get up right now to check on the name of them….oh, it's been a long day…..hugs!!!!

ps…i love numi tea, too….but live on the republic tea and have for years…..

Jeanie said...

I'm very fond of anything with citrus! I love the names!

I just finished off a cup of Plantation Mint -- good ol' Bigelow!

Adrienne said...

Oh, my! I realize it's time for me to venture out and try some new tea. I'm so set in my ways around home. I do love a good cup of Earl Grey! I've recently discovered that I enjoy Constant Comment's green tea version. Straight from the grocery store, but it's a treat to me.

Rosemary said...

Your area seems to be teeming with fabulous tea bars and upscale tea cafes - how lucky you are! My morning cup was a White Darjeeling - very enjoyable, and a quiet relaxing morning after a very busy week.