Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What do you Do?

When you are walking that path of troubled waters, sadness, and mourning, what do you do?
Do you take a little breather once in the while?
A time alone to think, cry, laugh, and remember?

This is where I walked to remember and mourn the loss of my mother-in-law.
To rejoice that she was now at peace.
To release her to walk her own path.

Life is not only laughter, but sometimes tears.
We can delight also in the tears.

Celebrating the life of my aunt last Saturday
and my mother-in-law soon after.
They would both say they are resting in the arms of Jesus.


Steph said...

Sending you lots of love! Your DH, too.

Ginger said...

Hugs and prayers for you and your family.

Linda P. said...

Thinking of you and your family at this time, Marilyn.

Jeanne said...

Blessings and big hugs
Those who live forever in our hearts are never far away
Love Jeanne

Sylvia said...

Prayers for God to comfort you in your time of sorrow.
Hugs, Sylvia

Jeanie said...

You have walked through a boatload of sorrow the past few weeks. It's never easy when it's family members, no matter what their age. Sending love and wishes for peace and healing. I'm glad you have a beautiful and contemplative spot to walk and remember.

Adrienne said...

I'm so sorry that you've had so much loss. It's good to get away and find places to walk through the grief. I've done that - and I know I will do it again.

Angela McRae said...

So very sorry to hear of your recent losses (I'm so behind on blog reading!), but I do think getting out in nature is a great way to release and accept our sad emotions. Today was my second Mother's Day without my mom, but I find myself focusing like a laser on the good memories (and they are legion), so it's hard to stay sad all day with so much happy to draw from.

Rosemary said...

May you find peace and comfort in the beauty of this earth and in the memories of lost loved ones. It is a difficult journey, accept the tears wherever and whenever and find laughter and love in life. Hugs to you.

Joy said...

Sending you prayers and hugs as you grieve. "May the love of friends give you comfort, may the love of God give you peace."