Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tea Time - A Bouquet Just for You!

The roses just shine in the garden now.
Tea time requires a special cup with flowers just for you and me.
Won't you join me in a cup of tea?
What will it be?
Maybe something to add a touch of sunshine or a floral sweetness to the day.
For me it will be a special oolong, Oriental Beauty, bitten by a bug
to add the touch of flowers to my cup.

The cup I am using, a gift from a friend, is Fern Posy, Royal Stafford,
Made in England.  I believe I have shared before, but don't they just
look perfect for a day celebrating the garden and delights of a floral tea?


Margie said...

How lovely!

Connie said...

You have a magical touch at pulling everything together and creating delightful arrangements. I love what you did with your cups and the flowers are gorgeous:)

Tea in Texas said...

Beautiful blossoms with the roses of the season! The teacups and saucers are the identical colors to the lovely bouquet. Have a great tea time and more this week!


Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

I really like how you arranged the teacups under the glass dome. It looks really elegant by the flowers. I would definitely like to join you for tea. I've been drinking a new white tea, Snow Leopard, that I've been enjoying.
Have a nice tea week!

Jeanie said...

This is awfully pretty, Marilyn. Very festive, feminine and beautiful!

Joy said...

Beautiful flowers in the vase and on the teacups!

Lady Linda said...

Good evening Marilyn, I really enjoyed reading this blog post. I never really thought about my daily ritual of getting the day started, but I guess I do!! Just fun to think about that. Your pix are so pretty.