Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ritual of Living

 My WuWo preparation for the Tea Ceremony.
At the end of a Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Each of the above indicates to me a form of ritual.
A pleasant ritual and ones I have participated in.
Churches also have rituals.
My Quaker church was formed as a protest in England
toward the rituals of the Anglican church many years ago.
Yet there is still a ritual in worship.

Often I avoid getting dressed in the morning much too long, as
I don't want to face the ritual of my day.
Yes, days do come and go, but there is ritual to the way
we start the day and move through it.
I like making my bed, laying out my clothes, showering,
then dressing before I begin work around the house or an adventure
to the market.

Do you ever think when you are walking through your daily ritual
that you would like to shake things up a bit?
Do things differently?
Or is it just me that thinks this way?

Part of why I like going on holiday is that it is a break in the ritual of living.
What do you do to break things up a bit?  Make life a surprise?


Adrienne said...

I like ritual - and I like being flexible. Since retiring it's easier to be flexible at times with my rituals. Variety is a good way to shake it up and I do that often. Not always by choice but it's nice to know it's OK. Having some forms of ritual is good for all of us, I think. I do love going on vacation to break things up a bit. Wish I could do that more than I do.

Catherine said...

How wonderful to share the traditions of the tea ceremony. Catherine

Steph said...

I am working on making the space for more ritual in my life!

Jeanie said...

Good question, Marilyn! I think I break it up too much. I love ritual but not routine. I'll have to think about this one. It's good food for thought. (And the photo is lovely!)

Lorrie said...

Rituals add order to the day. I am like you in the morning - make the bed, shower, dress and have breakfast before starting the day's activities. Sometimes, though, I think I'll stay in my robe and just lounge around for awhile first. But I rarely indulge myself.

Tracy said...

LOVELY images, Marilyn! The whole ritual of tea I just love. And I do like ritual in my life. I thrive with routine and consistancy. Though I do try to be flexible, as life does happen and schedules, routines, appointments, to-do lists, etc. all have to be rearranged sometimes... LOL! But I do like vacations, and even a short on is just enough SURPRISE in life to recharge the batteries and mix things but a little. Although, the ritual of post-vacation laundry is not one of my most favorites... LOL! Happy Days, my fried--great to catch up with you again! ((HUGS))

Rosemary said...

My favorite mornings are the ones that allow me to slow down and avoid the morning ritual just a little longer. Quiet solitude before the day begins. They are far and few between which makes them all the more enjoyable!