Wednesday, September 30, 2015

James Bay Tea Room and Restaurant

James Bay Tea Room and Restaurant is a very typical English tearoom.

It was lunch time, so rather than having afternoon tea, we chose to have lunch.
The salad and chicken pot pie were just perfect and so good.
Tea was brewed just right.
A lemon tart was the delicious ending to lunch at the James Bay Tea Room.
The James Bay Tea Room and Restaurant is so centrally located,
it is an easy walk to find not far off the bay and The Empress hotel.
You can find it at 332 Menzies Street, Victoria, B.C.
It is open everyday of the week.
Their menu is posted on their website:

The first time we visited Victoria many years ago it was recommended that we have
tea here instead of The Empress.  We listened and did just that.  Later we were
sorry we didn't have tea at The Empress and had to go back another time for that tea,
but I will say tea at James Bay Tea Room and Restaurant has it's own delight of
tea time and definitely worth a quintessential English tea experience right in Victoria,B.C.


Lorrie said...

I've not visited this tea room yet, but I've heard it's great. Glad to read your review of it.

relevanttealeaf said...

I had tea and lunch there both times I was in Victoria. Loved it! From your photo, it looks like they've upgraded the interior since I was there. We're talking about going to Victoria again for our 50th wedding anniversary next year. It's such a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing.

Jeanie said...

The James Bay looks charming -- very English. And that pot pie looks delicious. I think we're getting into pot pie season here! I think I should like this spot!

Teresa said...

I love the little tea rooms so much more than afternoon tea at the big fancy hotels. It is two totally different experiences. If I ever travel that direction, I would love to enjoy tea there.
Sips and Smiles

Tracy said...

VERY FUN place--a real, English-style tea room is always a treat, and always worth the wait. ;o) YUM! ((HUGS)