Monday, November 6, 2017

Walk with Me - At the Beach

 One of my all time favorite places to walk is by the sea.
It was not a surprise to walk right there when I was so very close.
This past weekend gave opportunity and I grabbed it with gusto.
It was a bit cold, but oh so wonderful to hear the waves splash
on shore and walk at the edge.

 There were still a few fall leaves on the nearby growth.
 The trail was easy to find.
 A friend walked there just nearby with baby in tow.
All ages love a walk by the sea.
And on a sunny day there would have been shovels, buckets, and piles of sand.
But in the meantime we walked.
No shells to be found, but rocks washed in by the edge of the sea.
 Sending a touch of warmth to you today.
Keep on walking!


Jeanie said...

I haven't had an ocean walk in such a long, long while. At least a year. My little beach has to do and it isn't the same. It looks divine, marilyn.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Such lovely shots of your walk by the sea! Almost feels like I am walking with you. I love the seaside in all kinds of weather!

Tracy said...

Oooo... this is special--and what a treat to "walk" along with you in photos! :) Beautiful beach there!! Your rock find has almost a heart shape--love that! And I love me a beach walk too...*sigh*... ((HUGS))