Monday, November 20, 2017

Walk with Me - at the Camp

I had visited "the camp" many times, but never taken a walk/hike
on the grounds.
The boating was closed for the year,
but I could imagine the sounds of splashing and laughter
 here at another time.
So I walked on.
It was a bit of a wet day, but still good for walking.
Soon I came to a board walk and wondering where it would take me,
I continued to walk.
There were beautiful places to stop along the way
and I wished I had brought my tea to sit awhile and dream.
If I return to this place there will be tea in my backpack.
Oh, a tunnel of trees, I love it!
The views around the lake were so special on this cloudy Autumn day.
Walking alone, dreaming, and enjoying the outdoors
makes walking extra special.
Keep on walking!


Jeanie said...

You are so lucky you can walk in the late fall. We can here sometimes, but it's cold and once the snow falls, only the intrepid are out! this is a beautiful spot!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a lovely place to walk. Love those walkways. They go in different directions, and remind me of the saying, "follow the yellow brick road." Oh Yes, do take some tea next time. These are wonderful pictures, Marilyn.

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for your friendship this year.


Tracy said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL place! I love all the variety, paths, different nooks, a place to sit, the many views... So much peace and tranquility! It's a blessing to have a place like this to go to in these days with so much unrest in the world--but here is one corner of the world where there is solace, peace, even joy to be found. :) So glad you took us along, Marilyn! Happy Thanksgiving Week ((HUGS))