Monday, August 12, 2019

Garden Quote 2019

 Today I thought it would be fun to find just some white flowers in my pictures.
What a variety I found.
  From the blooming rhubarb

“The more one gardens, the more one learns; 
And the more one learns, 
the more one realizes how little one knows.”
~Vita Sackville-West 
 To the blossoms on the lemon tree.
 The rhododendron has a glint of pink.
A profusion of snow drops in spring time.

White blossoms remind me of moonlight.

Have a great new week~


Red Rose Alley said...

White flowers are so pretty, and special. The snow drops are my favorite.

Have a splendid week, Marilyn.


Sandi said...

So beautiful! Are these all from your garden?

Jeanie said...

What a fun theme, Marilyn. The white is just lovely and that Vita S.W. quote is spot on!

Angela McRae said...

Beautiful! One of my favorite local homes features a formal all-white "garden room," and it has always been my idea of what the most elegant gardens can look like.

Tracy said...

Oooohhh... this was VERY special, Marilyn! I just LOVE white in the garden! Have always loved white flowers...they're like little lights, highlighting everything else around them. I've long wanted a white garden a la Vita Sackville-West's at Sissinghurst...the stuff of garden dreams! :) ((HUGS))