Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Me Time!

 Every once in the while I need some "me time".
Last Saturday I decided to take some time to search for flowers
at Lan Su Chinese Gardens.
I really should have gone on a week day because there were so
many walking there, but yet I did find the beauty my hearts craved.
 Walk with me and my camera in the garden.

 It looks like someone else was having some "me time" too.
 I was tempted to stop for tea right here, but I was just on a search
 for flowers.
 The red in the roses was just stunning!

 I loved these flowers against the white wall.

 October is celebrated with chrysanthemums.
 I had to wait for a clear shot here.
 More color against another wall.

It always fills my heart with JOY to visit here for "me time".

Do you have someplace you go for "me time"?


Lorrie said...

What a great place for some "me" time! There are still lots of pretty blooms there. I like going to a bookstore for me time, or to Butchart Gardens.

Jeanie said...

Clearly your "happy place" and I can certainly seem why. It's truly beautiful and so many different blooms, inside and out. Someday if I ever make it to Portland, we'll have to visit!

Ann said...

Great place for "me" time. I love to spend time in our patio for quiet time with a nice cup of tea and just gaze at nature. However, yesterday I took off Friday afternoon from work and went to an antique store. I love to stroll through certain stores that capture my imagination and creativity.

Red Rose Alley said...

"Me time" is so important for us I think. I'm glad you got to spend some "me time" at the Chinese Gardens. Sometimes I like to do this at the nurseries around here. A wonderful selection of photos, and the pomegranate caught my eye right away. And the red rose photo is beautiful.


Tracy said... GREAT place for some time to ones' self! I'm one of those who need "me time", I can get cranky if I don't have some with fairly regular intervals. Doesn't matter where, etc. just that I get the time. ;) ((HUGS))

Rosemary said...

Your 'me' time was filled with beauty and solitude. Thank you for sharing.