Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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This is not an advertisement, just a satisfied customer.
When I was working in the world of apparel for a company that will remain nameless, we often referred to J-Jill for the fit the company wanted to emulate. When I moved on to another company to work, I started buying my clothes at J-Jill. What is great about J-Jill is indeed the fit, but also some of my favorite fabrics. They have nice classic, but fun designs that I think alot of women would love to wear. I know that I can order pants from them and they will fit the same each time I order. Mostly I order online at or I call with catalog in hand to 1-800-642-9989. Online you can also look for stores in your area. They almost always have a great sale rack in the stores. I have recommended them to friends, who have also enjoyed J-Jill. So if you are looking for something that fits well, check out J-Jill.
This is not my normal blog, but I do love J-Jill and thought I would share.


Annie said...

Oh Marilyn. How could you? I haven't seen a J. Jill catalog in ages and now I'm all over online looking. I'm doomed. **sigh**

Linda J. said...

Thanks for sharing! I enjoy learning on all subjects.

La Tea Dah said...

I will check into J-Jill. Are you sure you weren't influenced by the pretty name? LOL! Any garment company that cares about using exceptional fabrics for their ware is worth looking into.

I grew up sewing all my clothes --- and textiles were such a delight to me. Then I started a career and learned to shop deep discount sales --- and I now longer sew for myself. I've been yearning to return to those days. Maybe --- I will. Thanks for being an inspiration (not just on this post, but always).