Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time in a Bottle

Pictures are of my husband's bottle collection sitting on our mantle right now.

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Looking at the bottles I am drawn to think about what they represent.
Looking at Wikipedia I find the words vessel as an open bowl, it is wide open.
A bottle is a container with a narrow opening.
A container is packaging to protect and transport.
What other containers are there? Our bodies are containers.
Our skin protects what is inside. It transports us to different places.
Yesterday someone wrote on another blog how there just was
not enough time and my mind was brought back to these
bottles. If only we could capture time in a bottle and use it to preserve
a time of joy and laughter. Time is precious and must be treasured.
Each moment counts as we create memories. Our memories are to be treasured
in our containers of the mind.
What would you like to capture and hold in your bottle?
What delights you today?
Just a note:
Thinking about the 4th of July coming next week, I have been reminded of the colors Red, White, and Blue. In approaching the 4th I will feature the color Red on July 1st, White on July 2nd, and Blue on July 3rd. If you would like to join me, let me know and I will post your link here at Delights of the Heart.


Rosemary said...

Pretty collection of bottles... my Mother collected tiny little bottles... beautiful thoughts... time is indeed precious.

Angela McRae said...

Your husband's bottle collection is very elegant, I think! And I love your "philosophical" posts.

Relyn said...

Fun idea. I'd like to play along.

La Tea Dah said...

I also collect old bottles (my fav's are the ones found near ghost towns in Arizona) --- I love your display idea. Mine are on a shelf in my garden shed. But, you've given me new ideas. . .