Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tea at the Mansion

The Pittock Mansion was built on the hill looking out over Portland. It is possible to go inside, but for this cloudy Sunday afternoon the WuWo Tea Ceremony group chose to have tea on the lawn.

visit to read more of the history and see more pictures.

From the lawn you can peek through the trees to see downtown Portland.

The mansion was built to be enjoyed for it's outdoors beauty with gardens and hiking trails by Henry and Georgiana Pittock. They lived only 5 years in the mansion from 1914 to 1919. Henry had been an early owner of the Oregonian newspaper. Georgiana loved the outdoors and flowers and was one of the originators of the Portland Rose Festival. We were having tea on their lawn during Rose Festival time. The roses were in bloom.

Some of us bring trays and simple seats for tea.

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This is the more tradition way to share in the WuWo tea ceremony with a mat and small cushion to sit on the ground. But since it is a fairly casual tea ceremony, either way will work.
Sharing tea in the out of doors is always a pleasant afternoon event, especially when you can have it on the lawn of a mansion.


parTea lady said...

The Pittock Mansion does have an interesting history and it is such a beautiful house. I loved the picture with the grand staircase. Thanks for the link.

Enjoyed seeing your photos of the mansion and tea on the lawn.

Angela McRae said...

Oh my, what a lovely place! And you prompted me to google the WuWo tea ceremony, so I learned something, too. (Guess I'll have to stick with my Woo Hoo tea ceremony!)

James Oh said...

I really enjoyed seeing your wonderful photo and I love your tea sets.

Thanks for telling us the place you had visited.

La Tea Dah said...

A beautiful mansion, inside and out. I had afternoon tea there once, years ago. The carriage house was still open and it was a popular place for tea.


Relyn said...

Oh, I know this would be the loveliest of experiences. You've taken me home again. I adore the Pittock Mansion! My most memorable trip there was with Jeffrey, my best friend and her husband. Jill is a homemaker extraordinaire and she took charge. It was late February, early March and chilly. We had a picnic on the grounds, facing the view. We ate (still hot) beef stew, cornbread muffins, and apple pie for dessert. She's amazing and we had a fantastic time. Your gorgeous pictures brought it all back. Thank you.

If you ever take a trip to Victoria, they have a house by the same architect. I think you would love it as well.

Annie said...

Amazing how the name has clung to the grand old house and its namesakes only live there for five years. I will enjoy visiting the website and perhaps discover the why of that.

La Tea Dah said...

Did you ever had tea at the Carriage House at Pittock Mansion? I wish they still served afternoon teas there.