Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Linen Days

It is amazing what you can find at the thrift store. My daughter found this cute little tablecloth, which she gave to me for Christmas. Each corner is hand stitched with a teapot, tea cup, and sugar bowl.

The center has a girl and boy in a small row boat.

Vintage table cloths can be so festive and colorful. I love the colors in this one. So many of them from the 1930's and 1940's had fruit in them.

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The blue trimmed tablecloth is the first one that I couldn't resist about 30 years ago. It is linen, the colors so vibrant. It has been a real joy to use, eventhough it now has a couple small holes in it. I always think I will cut them up when they get holes or have holes, but I just can't bring myself to do it yet. If they have holes I sometimes just layer the table cloths on the table with like colors. I have a few linen, plaid tablecloths that are beautiful layered with the flowered or fruited cloths. It is fun to play with combinations for a party, for company, or just for everyday use.


Steph said...

Wow - what a great vintage find!!

Relyn said...

OH, I do love vintage linens so much. I love these little peeks into your linen cabinet. You've inspired me to dig out some of mine.

Annie said...

I realize as I look at these that I have such items from my mother and maternal grandmother. Seeing them makes me want to take them out, touch them, find a use for them.

Deanna said...

Hi There!
I really like these vintage tableclothes. They're so very cute.
I have a few and need to get them out to use. They really set a mood!

Hope you'll drop by for virtual tea on Thursday. Plez bring your friends.

Blessings to you from the Kansas Flinthills,

parTea lady said...

Your vintage linens are lovely. I so wish that I had some of my Moms hand embroidered pillow cases.

It is hard to cut them up, but some would make lovely sachets, runners, tea cozies, etc. I feel the same way about old quilts.

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I LOVE your vintage linens! The one you got for Christmas is just perfect, and I also love the classic bright-colored tablecloths! Lovely post!

La Tea Dah said...

Vintage linens are always a perfect connection with the past for me. My sis just gave me one of my mom's tablecloths --- it would fit right in with those hanging on your clothesline. It was a wedding gift to our parents --- and sis and I grew up always knowing that wedding gifts were special and cherished.