Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Respite

Saturday I needed a respite, a time alone.
Monticello Antiques was having their garden event.
As I stepped into this room full of the morning sunshine
birds were chirping and it made my heart sing with JOY.
I could picture sitting in the sun in this chair with you, my friend, soaking
up the sun and sipping a cup of tea.
Or we could have sat here on this lovely bench and listened to water trickle in the fountain.
White stoneware is so soothing to the eye.
The rosaries were displayed beautifully and eventhough
I am not Catholic, I thought they were beautiful.

What do you do to make your heart sing?
Do you need a small respite once in the while?


Annie said...

More and more, I look forward to full-time respite. Everyday will soon be filled with possibilities and traveling to visit my Oregon friends will be more than once a year - finally. Now THAT is respite.

Mary said...

Marilyn my heart is singing daily now, especially when with my girlfriends treasure hunting and stopping somewhere for a cuppa and a chat. Love those chairs and the ironstone - wish I could visit there with you, what fun we'd have!

Enjoy the day - Mary

Steph said...

OH, yes I do - and I love the beauty of these photos.

Pam said...

Love all of these, especially the white stoneware!!! I would love to have a pitcher like that!

Jeanne said...

I too collect rosaries from all over the world.
I love them all
Love you

La Tea Dah said...

Such a beautiful respite.

I took one in nature this week-end --- spring has arrived in the desert --- it is at its most beautiful now.


Angela McRae said...

Yes! Last week, I took three days off work and spent most of them in the garden. I weeded a shade garden and a future herb garden, and I was worn out at the end of each day -- and almost deliriously happy! I listened to the birds sing, felt the wind blow in my hair , got a little extra sun on my face. Heaven! In fact, some inspirational writer once focused on the fact that time began in a garden, and I like that very much! So that was my respite!

Tracy said...

A break, a pause, a little time to re-charge the batteries is always a good thing. I could use a little respite today actually! I think tea will be, my current library book, and feet up sounds very inviting right now... This place you're taken us to today, Marilyn is wonderful! Rosaries are lovely, this collection is beautiful! Happy Day :o) ((HUGS))

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

What a respite, this is! I am right here with out, and it's so beautiful.
White stonewear, flowers, sun, benches, tea. Just perfect.

Thank you for bringing me!

Adrienne said...

I missed it! And I knew I would be sad that I couldn't go. Thank you for sharing just a bit of one of my favorite places. Need to go soon and see what treasures await!