Monday, April 26, 2010

Strong Women - Jane Goodall

Today's Strong Woman is Jane Goodall.
With Earth Day last week, I felt Jane Goodall was the perfect woman to share this week.
A woman that shares her passion each day of the year for protecting the lives of primates.

Her remarkable discoveries include the use of tools by primates. It was thought that only humans are capable of using tools. This discovery convinced several scientists to reconsider their definition of being human.
She compared the effects of bereavement on humans and primates and how we can learn the coping techniques by observing primates.
She is best known for her study of chimpanzee social and family life.
For more information on Jane Goodall visit the following website:

Jane Goodall is a woman that follows her passion and shares it with others.
Are you following your passion and sharing it with others?
That is a question I struggle with and hope to learn as I share Strong Women.

The information written here came from several sources online.