Monday, April 26, 2010

Strong Women - Jane Goodall

Today's Strong Woman is Jane Goodall.
With Earth Day last week, I felt Jane Goodall was the perfect woman to share this week.
A woman that shares her passion each day of the year for protecting the lives of primates.

Her remarkable discoveries include the use of tools by primates. It was thought that only humans are capable of using tools. This discovery convinced several scientists to reconsider their definition of being human.
She compared the effects of bereavement on humans and primates and how we can learn the coping techniques by observing primates.
She is best known for her study of chimpanzee social and family life.
For more information on Jane Goodall visit the following website:

Jane Goodall is a woman that follows her passion and shares it with others.
Are you following your passion and sharing it with others?
That is a question I struggle with and hope to learn as I share Strong Women.

The information written here came from several sources online.


Steph said...

Jane's book, Harvest for Hope, is what inspired me to become (mostly) vegetarian.

Annie said...

Good morning Marilyn. I had the pleasure of seeing Jane speak at Occidental College in Southern California back in the mid-7's. I just recently caught her on a PBS program recently and I must conclude that she is truly a timeless woman.

Gayle @ Mountain Mom said...

Jane is a wonderful example of a strong woman. Following your passion...I've been hearing that thread a lot lately. The elderly lady across the street, just now, and seems like somewhere else. I'll have to think on that one!

Mark said...

Jane is a hero of my daughter. I believe she actually met her too, at a DC event of somekind. Anyway, yes, remarkable woman.

Tracy said...

I just adore the MUTTS comics! This one was very good for Earth Day. Jane G--great inspiration... Wonderful post, Marilyn. Happy Day :o) ((HUGS))

Jeanne said...

I love all you share
I love you
Blessings my fabulous friend
Love Jeanne

SE'LAH... said...

Thanks for this focus on a strong female presence. I shall now read more about her.

one love.

Cathy said...

Jane is an inspiration to us all. Lovely post, Marilyn.

Susan said...

Jane's work was ground breaking!

Catherine said...

Hi Marilyn - found your blog via Schnitzel and the trout's blog - like your take on tea and also I found this one interesting as I lived in Tanzania for many years - quite close to Gombe Stream and Jane's original chimpanzee settlement - but a million miles away as far as accessibility went -never did get to visit there as children weren't allowed and ours were born in the Kigoma region so were only babies in our bush days. When we lived in Dar for a year and the kids went to the IST (International school) they met Jane when she came to talk at the school. So she's always been in our radar. Hope you visit and follow my blog - I will follow yours - and I do love tea! And have posted a few times on the subject.
All the best, Catherine.

~Sheila@tempus fugit~ said...

I have watched her on television for years, since she was a very young woman. The work she has done is outstanding.
She seems such a gentle soul.