Monday, April 19, 2010

Strong Women

Jennifer Chiaverini, author of the Elm Creek Quilts novels.
A reader shares a quilt she made that was inspired by the books.
Jennifer's mom is to the right.  She often travels with Jennifer on book tours.
What a great opportunity for mom and daughter to have some quality time together.

To me a "strong woman" is a woman that knows who she is and follows her passion.
This is the beginning of a new Monday series called, Strong Women.
I am guessing it could go on for quite awhile, as there are so many strong women in my mind who could be honoured for following their passion.  Some will be living and some will have passed before us. They enchant me and I am drawn to them.

Here is a quote to begin the Strong Women series:

A Woman's Credo

I believe in the woman of hope
that lies within me
I believe in her strength drawn
from the depth of her being
I believe in the power fired from that
great depth of
compassion and love
I believe in the gentleness
of her strength
I believe she is a woman of dignity
reaching out to touch and be touched
at depth
I believe in the centre
She moves from and trust it fully
I honour
the wisdom and stillness
she offers me on my life's journey.

Author Unknown

The first woman to be honoured is Jennifer Chiaverini.
Last week I had the honour of meeting Jennifer at a book reading.
She is the author of the Elm Creek Quilts series.
Hearing her story of knowing she would write and following that dream inspired me.
How many of us can say we know for sure and go forward to make it happen?
Jennifer has written close to 20 books in this series and I have enjoyed reading 10 of them so far.
If you love quilts and women's stories, you will thoroughly enjoy her books.
Right now I have to say my favorite was The Runaway Quilt, just because I love any story involving the Underground Railroad and Quilts.

Welcome to Delights of the Heart new Strong Women series.
I hope you will enjoy it and some word or woman will touch your heart.