Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Focus on the Good

Every week a newsletter comes in my email box from Cheryl Richardson.
Today I wanted to share this weeks newsletter with you.
If in the future you are interested in receiving her newsletters here is the link,
The newsletter:
This week, after taking some time off to spend with a friend visiting from London, I was reminded of something important: I need to stay focused on solutions rather than problems.  One morning, after discussing the gulf oil disaster at length, I noticed that I felt exhausted and depressed for the remainder of the day.  When I thought about it, I realized that this has been happening more and more as I've watched the story unfold.  It's so easy to feel hopeless and overwhelmed by the enormity of the damage as well as the response (who actually thinks that pouring toxic chemicals - dispersants - into a vast ocean filled with living beings is a solution?!?).

I know many of you feel the same way.  These are challenging times and it's heartbreaking to see what's happening to our planet.  The foolish choices made by some with so little consciousness are infuriating at best.  But, it's important to remember that focusing on the problem, over and over again, just contributes to the energy going in that direction - toward the problem.  So, I decided to shift my attention to the fix.  Last week I started searching online for people who were creating solutions and I instantly felt hopeful.  I found several ideas and it was a great reminder that there are smart, committed, and conscientious people putting their energy to good use.

Where are you putting your attention?  Rather than get seduced by the frightening and devastating news of doom and gloom, let's collectively focus on good news, solutions, and what's working, shall we?  When we do, we:

Have more energy to do well in the world
Think better thoughts
Increase our level of personal power
Generate smart ideas
Begin to see good everywhere
Feel hopeful and empowered
Become a positive influence on others and on the planet

And, we open ourselves up to wisdom and insight so we, too, can become part of the solution.

To that end, I invite you to share your good news with us. 
If you go to the link, scroll down to the end and click on video.
I think you will enjoy it.
Her newsletter this week reminded me of the reason I write Delights of the Heart.
It is my opportunity to focus on the good.


Laurie said...

This post is an affirmation for me Marilyn, on something I am doing. I'll be posting about in the coming days. It's like God telling me I'm on the right track and full speed ahead! Can't wait to share with you soon. For now, thanks for being a messenger.

Steph said...

A very good idea!

Gillian said...

Some good advice that kind of goes along with your post here is something someone told me LONG ago, and it has always stuck with me.
Never, ever be the bearer of bad news. People despite outward appearances will always judge you by that...and associate you with sadness, or bad news in general.
I try to be the bearer of good news, and focus on lifting the energy of a room without sapping it or being a "chi depleting" vampire!!!
Happy news is always welcome!!!

Mary said...

.....this is the reason I no longer read the daily newspaper or watch much TV news. Bob tells me anything important I need to know - he reads it all and gets so worked up over all the bad stuff. I figure at this age I can do without the negative!

I love beauty and Nature, gentle people and good friends - these are the things I give my energy to. I'm sad about the bad things happening in the world but there's nothing I can do to remedy such catastrophes as the oil spill. Instead I sent items to the children in the African village I visited in hopes they will have a little joy in this difficult world. This made me feel "hopeful and empowered".

Thank you Marilyn for all your sweet comments - you are a dear friend.

Cinner said...

Marilyn I needed to read this today. what truth in her words. thank you. have a great day

Mark said...

That is a very nice newsletter, how true too. Negative thoughts definitely take a toll on you.
Something for me too keep in mind, thats for sure.

parTea lady said...

Thank you for this information. I now have a couple of new websites (Cheryl Richardson & Heal Your Life) to explore.

Angela McRae said...

And you do a great job of focusing on the good! Your pictures alone always seem to give me pleasant, peaceful feelings ... especially when I pause to enjoy them during a busy workday!