Thursday, July 22, 2010


Every year a friend calls and asks if we would like to pick marionberries.
Marionberries were developed in Oregon and are a cultivar of the common blackberry.
They are sweeter and maybe not quite as seedy.
They are oh so good!
Marionberries make the best pies and tarts.

Oh and the sorbet is yummy too!
Every year I think maybe I will make jam, but really I just love them in
my freezer for special treats during the winter.
Last evening I tossed a few berries in my chicken salad and the
flavor just made my mouth sing.
I wish you could all enjoy our Oregon marionberry, they are
truly delightful.
Do you have a berry that is unique to your area or one you just thoroughly enjoy?


Laurie said...

Not unique, but our yard has several mulberry trees. I look forward every year to picking and eating as I go. Your marionberries look so good!

~Sheila~ said...

I hadn't heard of these Mariyln.
I love all berries, but raspberries are my favourite.

susanna said...

I had never heard of marionberries before reading this post. How interesting. Marionberry jam would make a good gift for someone not living in the area. I'm not sure what berries are unique to my area. I know that New Jersey is known for its Jersey Tomatoes. There are quite a few tomato stands set up during the summer. I do enjoy all the interesting produce at the grocery stores, though.

Linda J. said...

I learned about Marionberries a few years ago when we were in Glacier National Park. As I recall, the bears love marion berries.

Cinner said...

I had never heard of these, my favorite berries are blackberries, blueberries, saskatoon berries, raspberries. ....I think I know what I am going to have for lunch. I just have to go get some now. take care.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

A berry after my own heart!

I saw marionberry jam ONCE and thought how lovely it must be but have never seen it again!

Look at all you have created with this beauty of a berry! The color of these creations is just wonderful.

Adrienne said...

I LOVE Marionberries! But, then, I live right in the middle of our state where they are grown. Your photos and descriptions made me think I was hungry! Think I'll toss some Marionberries on my salad real soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

tina said...

Mmmm..marionberries...when we went to my Grandmothers funeral in Florence, Oregon, we saw so many signs for Marionberries, fresh, pie, jams...we brought home alot of jam from that trip!
We have blackberries close by our cottage and a big berry similar to a blackberry called a 'Youngberry'. They are about the size of your thumb and taste like a blackberry!

Gigi said...

I keep hearing about marionberries, and I would love to try them. Your post made me hungry! I love all summer berries, but my favorite are wild Maine lowbush blueberries. When I was a girl, we'd pull over on our way home from the beach and pick the wild blueberries that grew along the roadside near the lichen-covered rocks. Something about the salt air, the pine trees, and the hot summer sun made these berries taste better than any other fruit I've ever tasted.

Relyn said...

I did love my time in Oregon, but I was very disappointed to not see you. Next year?

Christina said...


Angela McRae said...

I discovered this year that I have mulberries growing at my house! But I love all berries, berry much!

Anonymous said...

oooh yummy! We pick blackberries here. But marionberries sound even better!