Monday, July 12, 2010

Strong Women - Isabel Allende

About 12 years ago a friend of mine attended a writer's conference where Isabel Allende was speaking.
I had never heard of Isabel Allende.
My friend recorded Isabel's talk that day and I have listened to it many times and been inspired.
Isabel began life in Chili, but with political unrest was forced to leave the country of her heart.
She survived starting over several times, an abusive marriage, and raising two children alone.
She ends up in the Bay Area, near San Francisco, meeting her future husband there.
In this talk she says he was to only straight man in San Francisco.
I love her sense of humor.
She does marry this man and you would think they walk into the sunset hand in hand.
Soon she is forced to struggle with her newly married daughter going into a coma
and dying a year later.  You can read her experiences in Paula, a very touching story of a mother's love.

The book Isabel Allende is most recognized for writing is The House of the Spirits.
She is a strong woman because she has followed her passion in writing and living.
When she begins writing a book, she always starts on January 8th. 
She encourages writers to write daily and be disciplined. 

Isabel Allende is definitely worth seeking out at the library or book store.


BrittArnhild said...

I have read several of her books. They are strong and very good.

Angela McRae said...

I've not read anything of hers but several times thought that I should. And now you've got me wondering about the significance of Jan. 8 so I'll have to check that out!

Laurie said...

Marilyn I have never heard of her, but will look her up on Amazon. She sounds inspiring, and right now with a new project I am tackling, I need to read of women who follow their passion. Thanks for a great post!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I've not read her books, either - but some of my very strong and wonderful friends have and they all enjoy them!

Daily writing sounds like an important good goal...let's see!

Thanks for the recommendation!

parTea lady said...

She does sound like a strong and inspiring woman. I'll have to look up her books.

dutchbaby said...

I have been intending to read her books for a long time. So many books, so little time.

I thought I was married to the last straight man in the Bay Area...