Friday, July 2, 2010

Lin's Ceramics

This is May from Lin's Ceramics in Taiwan.
I met May when I traveled to the World Tea Expo a couple weeks ago.
It is always fun to put a smiling face to someone you have communicated with by email.
This year, beside the gorgeous tea ceramics, she was selling some lovely oolong teas.
I came home with a Honey Oolong which I am certainly enjoying.

But ceramics is what I wanted to see and they didn't disappoint.
I love all that they make and some day would like to visit them in Taiwan.
The soft green of the set above was just beautiful.
Have you ever dreamed of having a beautiful small tea set.
When people see the little teapot; they often think they are for children.
These little sets, however, are worthy of you using to make your tea.
They usually hold a lovely Oolong, which can be re-steeped several times.
What a treat it would be to share a small pot of Oolong tea with a friend
in a small teapot and cups.

Double click on the picture of May and you will see other lovely tea sets and utensils.
I would love to carry Lin's Ceramics on my website,
and maybe someday I will.  I will let you know if that happens.