Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ceramics and a Museum

The Taiwan National Museum was a real treat.
I wish I could show you the beautiful things inside, but no pictures were allowed.
There was amazing calligraphy, jade, metal tools, and so much more.
We spent most of the day here and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Another full day was spent in YinGe, a town known for it's ceramics.
There was one shop after another of gorgeous teasets and so much more to see.
It was a true sight to take in on a warm day in Taiwan.
The street vendor was selling the largest hard boiled eggs I had ever seen.
And wouldn't you just love to sit at this table and share tea together?
It was totally gorgeous and I was told no pictures were allowed after this shot.
I did do a little shopping, what fun!
I came home with a beautiful tea canister that matched my favorite set at home, a little
turtle to sit on my tea table, and a few gifts.
There is nothing quite like a little shopping on Mother's Day to bring pure delight to the soul.

Only a couple more days to share of tea in Taiwan, then on Friday there will be a small give-away.


La Tea Dah said...

I am sad that the armchair tour is nearly over. I have enjoyed it so much!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

that table is beautiful, meant for sharing, especially!

Angela McRae said...

Wow, that table is incredible! And I would so have enjoyed seeing all these great teawares. Thanks so much for "taking us along" on your travels!

Trixie and Dustin of TheTeaDrinker.com said...

Your travelogue has been a feast for the eyes -- can only guess how it all smelled and tasted and felt first-hand. Thank you (again) for generously and exquisitely sharing your experiences.

Gosh, how I miss Taiwan! And how beautiful the Ali Shan area is. The next time I infuse some of your marvy Buddha's Hand tea I will look at your pictures and try to slip into the magic of being there...

Dustin sends his love, too :-)

koralee said...

What fun..thank you for sharing. oxox

Mark said...

Have really enjoyed looking at your trip, thanks.

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs and smiles across the miles
Love Jeanne
I love all you share♥

d smith kaich jones said...

!!!!! i have missed so much! i am coming back and starting over! i am imagining wonederful smells travelling home with you, imagining you unpacking and remembering. wonderful!!


somepinkflowers said...

you are so fortunate
to have travel here, missy!


{{ don't you just HATE it
when they don't let you
take photos
inside museums...
this may eventually be my undoing
as i Always Try...}}

Mary said...

I'm impressed by your lovely photos Marilyn, I truly get the feeling of the land you visited - all is just so colorful, and the history so interesting.