Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Family Traditions

The past few days I have been thinking about family traditions.
Each family has them, whether they are recognized or not.
Some are small things, like the way you celebrate a holiday.
Some are related to your religious faith or your ethnic background.
I asked my family what they thought our family traditions were
and really compared to some families we couldn't think of many.
Growing up my mother's family mostly lived on apple ranches in Northern California.
Many of our family gatherings took place at the main apple ranch of my uncles.
I mentioned several months ago that the last family ranch had been sold.
I felt it was important to have one more family gathering, especially for
the younger generation to celebrate family at the ranch.
The pictures above are from the family ranch as we celebrated
on Memorial weekend.  It use to be all apples, but now there are grapes too.
The family home still stands there and many of the vintage tools and the old truck
still remain.  But it isn't the same, no it isn't.  The heart of the ranch is gone.
One of my aunts, who had a ranch down the road, was there.
But my uncle that ran the ranch is no longer there.
There isn't the hustle and bustle that once was felt.
I will always cherish my memories of family celebrations, laughter, and play
(oh there was work too); but mostly I will cherish the family traditions
we celebrated here and I am grateful.

Do you have special family traditions?