Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tea Institute - A Final Farm Visit

Now you know by now, the first thing we did when arriving at the tea institute
was drink tea.  This was our guide for the day.
The tea institute was again in the hills outside of Taipei.
It was originally begun as a training sight for tea farmers,
but has expanded to include other small groups.
Again there were rows and rows of tea.
Flowers often were included in the landscape of each of the farms we visited.
Now here is where I learned something new about tea.
I always thought there were only a few varieties of tea plants and
what made them different was in the processing.
The processing does make a difference, but what I learned
is that there are many varietals of the tea plant.
This marker is marking one varietal and there were many markers
at the tea institute.  So like a rose has many varieties, so does tea.
I learned that just in Taiwan there are over 300 different varietals.
In China there are thousands of varietals.
Am I the only person that didn't know this?  I hope not.
And then there was more tea to drink.
And we picked tea too.  We were given the special tea picking hats
and baskets to wear.
Here I am in my tea picking outfit.
Finally an oasis in the shade.  It was a hot day.
I hope you have enjoyed visiting tea farms in Taiwan.
I know I did.
Come back tomorrow for a special, small give away.


Joy Graham said...

Hi Marilyn, this is too weird for me. I found your blog through another blogger, by mistake at first. When your site opened up, I could not believe how much we are alike. Your favorite song is ode to Joy. My name is Joy. Your name is Marilyn, my best friend on the shores of Alabama is Marilyn. Your interests are just the same as mine listed on your profile.I am in the process of opening a Tea Room RIGHT NOW! I love your Farmer Zhang post. It really is a small world. Have a Happy Day-Joy

Joy said...

Hi, Marilyn,
I've enjoyed reading about your trip though I haven't had much free time recently. I plan to share your site with my daughter, who visited Thailand several years ago.
Joy from GA

Steph said...

Marilyn - It's amazing to me, how many farms you were able to see! You must frame that photo of you picking tea!

Jeanie said...

Marilyn, you look so happy in your tea picking outfit! I never knew about varietals, either. Another wonderful post! Thank you!

Tracy said...

Oh, I didn't know that about tea either--that there were so many varieties, just like roses! Very fun to see you picking tea. Did you get to keep the hat? Very much enjoyed every moment shared of your tea travels, Marilyn. It's been enlightening! We are off for a little weekend away. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Mary said...

Well now I too know much more about tea, thanks to you dear friend! Love the pic of you in the field - did they allow you to keep the hat?

I know this was an amazing trip - and am grateful you have shared all these wonderful highlights Marilyn.

Hugs -Mary

GardenofDaisies (Gayle) said...

You look lovely in your tea picking hat! I didn't know how many types of tea plants there were either. This was such an amazing trip... I'm so glad you took us along through your pictures!!

Angela McRae said...

Wellll ... I had read there were different varietals but I had absolutely no idea there were so very many -- I was thinking more like three or four! Thank you for (once again) adding to my tea education!