Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh, that face that beautiful face!

 There were several faces I wanted to share with you today.
This little girl was standing near a temple in full costume.
I thought she was so beautiful and took her picture.
After I took her picture she asked for money.
This young university student touched my heart.
For some reason I didn't ask her name, but for the moments
we interacted she was precious.
 We were shopping in a mall in Chiang Mai and on the top floor
came across a booth of traditional Hmong clothes and other beautiful things.
I stopped to look and she saw me and came to help me buy something for my daughter.
After I made my purchase, she grabbed my hand and said don't go.
Then she proceeded to run around the booth looking for something for me to buy for myself.
I did purchase some really fun pants that I will show another day.
She still didn't want me to go, in fact she wouldn't take the money for a little while just
so I would stay.  She told me she loved me, but then explained it was my smile.
I asked for the picture and she was flattered, then wanted this one with me.
She definitely touched my heart.
 Out in the country we stopped to climb through some caves and visit a temple.
There were women selling medicinal herbs and this woman's face I thought was beautiful.
There is a historic park near Chiang Mai that has a representation of three mountain tribes.
The tribe that fascinated me were the long neck women.
They actually live in the park and you pay a fee to walk through their small village.
Most of the women weave on harness looms and sell their wares.
I thought they were just beautiful.
This young woman was sitting there so serenely in pink.
I wanted to communicate with her so badly.
Through signs I learned she was pregnant with her first child
and I could tell she was thrilled.

Not the best picture of me or this lady, but I had to share.
Of all the women I met on our trip, she touched my heart to the very core.
The day was extremely hot and the humidity was about to do me in.
Perspiration was running down my face.
As I stood there wanting to talk to her, she motioned for me to sit beside her.
Then she motioned for my husband to take our picture together.
Our arms crossed in back and we would have hugged, except it was too hot.
I could just feel her heart and her care for me.
Eventhough we didn't speak the same language, there was the language of great care
for each other that moment and I will always treasure it in my heart.


Kate said...

Funny, but it is the faces of the people that I am drawn to when we travel. There are many stories behind each one. Thank you for sharing.

Jeanne said...

are the voice
of the

I think my son photographed that last lady in the picture with you on his travels.
Love you
Thanks for all you share
Love Jeanne♥

Ginger said...


I am thoroughly enjoying your trip through Thailand. Thank you for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are beautiful. All these women looked precious...Glad you and Jim had a chance to visit thee.

Steph said...

It's beautiful to see the cross-cultural respect and interest!

DeeBee L. said...

I am really enjoying the posts you are writing at the moment as I love Thailand and have many friends there. It's a beautiful country with delightful people! I am never tired of visiting.
Hope you have a wonderful time.
Kind regards, DeeBee

tea time and roses said...

Hello Marilyn,

Indeed these are beautiful faces. What a lovely post! I can imagine how wonderful your visit, memories that will last a life time.:o)

I also love the elephants in your previous post. I know that was fun fun! The babies are so cute!

Continue to enjoy a lovely week my friend.



Adrienne said...

The beauty of a country is seen in the faces of the people! The language of love knows no boundaries. Thank you for sharing the beutiful people you saw.

Grandma Sue said...

So wonderful that you felt so welcome and loved. The fabric and flowers in their hats so bright and happy colors. You were blessed by these women.

koralee said...

Such lovely faces...I am off to read your elephant post...this would be my dream come true..I adore these amazing animals. xox

GardenofDaisies said...

What an experience this trip has been for you!! The bonding of human hearts all across the world is a good thing.

krys kirkpatrick said...

I scrolled through and read about your trip. It is a land of very kind spirited people. I loved Chiang Mai.

Traveling Bells said...

Smiles are a beautiful connector with anyone, anywhere. I'm enjoying your travels, especially since we have not visited here...

parTea lady said...

You sure met a lot of interesting people - nice pics.

Annie said...

Photos of the Language of Love, Marilyn. Heartwarming.

beth said...

oh marilyn.....these are so fantastic. you know how i love people and these are just great and the stories are amazing.....lucky you !!!

Jeanie said...

Oh, how I love the faces -- they are so beautiful and each one tells a story -- the best part of the story being the time they spent with you. What a wonderful memory!

Mary said...

Beautiful faces, know you will never forget these ladies and their stories. Nice to know they permit photos, I hope I get some too because these are the photos one seems to keep close in one's heart. I often look back at the faces of the lovely people I met in Africa - and I wonder how they are doing, especially the children.