Thursday, June 16, 2011

Leavn' on a Bullet Train

Traveling by bullet train we traveled about two thirds of the way south on the island of Taiwan
to Alishan.  It didn't take very long until we were greeted by the farmer, tucked
into his car and a taxi and up the windy road to the high mountain.
His tearoom awaited, so neat and clean.  Soon it was cluttered with cups as we tasted tea.
Our room at the farmer's bed and breakfast.  Actually it was quite comfortable.
The view from our window was the family compound and the tea fields behind the compound.
Yes, we were in the high mountains of Taiwan.  It was quite beautiful.
There were hiking trails and tea everywhere.
I just love seeing laundry hanging on the line and for the most part this laundry was color coordinated.
We ate all of our meals for the two days we stayed here at this table.
Since the farmer and his family were vegetarians, all our meals were vegetarian.
The farmer sending his greetings!
Tomorrow I will share more at this beautiful farm and country side.
It was indeed at the end of the road, but still there were several tearooms.