Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Color of Passion

Picture here a photograph of rows of lovely French macarons. 
 The first row holding the deep brown of chocolate.
The second row shining yellow, sweet passion fruit.
The third row is the deep raspberry color of raspberries.
The fourth row holds a soft green, the green you would
see on this first day of spring with the fresh buds and leaves
just beginning to unfurl, it is a pistachio macaron sitting there.

Can you picture it?
Can you imagine the flavor of each?
Do you love French macarons like I do?

This is surely a PASSION
my word this year.

No picture, but what is created in your mind.


parTea lady said...

Oh, that is a yummy picture in my minds eye, but I guess I'll have to settle for the carrot cake I'm about to bake.

Angela McRae said...

Yes, I can see this! (It helps that I came across a new book about macarons yesterday, although I showed some restraint and didn't buy it!)

Steph said...

Good visual images!

I love Orange and it's vibrancy!

Jeanie said...

One month till I hcan have them myself. In France. Oh, heaven!