Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tea Outdoors and Birthday Tea

As I sit here enjoying my first pot of birthday tea this morning I am remembering that
recently on a sunny Sunday afternoon our Portland Wuwo Tea Ceremony group was able to enjoy tea outdoors.
 It seems that once each winter we catch a day such as this and it is pure JOY to share tea together in the sunshine.
 Oh how I wish the sun was shining this morning.
When we begin, part of the ceremony is just setting our teasets out to prepare for our time of tea together
 and admiring each setting members have brought to the day.
On the right you will see Steph of Steph's Cup of Tea.
She has set her place in the traditional manner on the ground.
For some that is difficult and a stool and tray is placed for their pleasure.
The rules are not strict, but sharing tea equally among us is the purpose of the ceremony.

There is structure to this ceremony, but there is also room for small changes.
The important thing is to enjoy tea in the out of doors and to share equally among each one there.
In my cup today is Baozhong Oolong, but my family calls it birthday tea because
it was picked on my children's birthday, May 1st.
I had to enjoy it today because it is my special day.
Do you have a go to tea for celebrating a special event?