Monday, March 5, 2012

Colors of Europe

 Amsterdam Flower Market

The pictures on my little laptop are several years old,
but for the fun of it I thought I would share colors of Europe.
I am dreaming of colors of Springtime here in my part of the world,
but for now enjoy some colors in Europe taken a few years ago.

Happy Monday, dear friends!
My computer will be back soon and
I will share the colors appearing around me.


Annie said...

Lovely memories. I especially like the Burano photo.

Jeanne said...

I love you I miss you
I hope your computer is up and running soon.
Love Jeanne♥

Angela McRae said...

Beautiful colors! And oh, how I'd love to visit that Amsterdam Flower Market!

christina said...

hello my friend! these are just beautiful. i can't wait til your computer to comes back. ; )

Jeanie said...

You are back! I've really missed you -- I'm happy to see photos of Europe any day! Come by when you can!

BrittArnhild said...

Oh, such beautiful colours :-)
I am dreaming.