Thursday, March 29, 2012

Matcha, the Color of Green

When thinking of tea and green most often I think of a regular green tea.
There is, however, a tea that the color green just shines.
It is Matcha, in the green family.
Have you heard of it?
Most often it is associated with the Japanese Tea Ceremony.
It is a fine powder high in antioxidants and is whisked before serving.
Stephanie at Steph's Cup of Tea had a very good display recently of the
accoutrements of matcha tea, which can be seen here.
For chefs that like to cook with tea, matcha is a favored ingredient.
There is matcha ice cream, matcha chocolates, matcha specialty drinks, matcha
shortbread cookies, matcha pasta, and just about any other imaginable combination.
Recently I heard of a matcha marinade for soba noodle salad.
It sounds so good, I really must try it soon.
It is a mixture of matcha, sesame oil, sesame seeds, scallions,
then toss in some snow peas, pea shoots, or asparagus.
Doesn't that sound yummy?

A good source for purchasing matcha is
This morning they posted a youtube showing a different
way of preparing matcha, which I thought you would enjoy!