Thursday, March 22, 2012

World Water Day

On Facebook this morning I learned that today is World Water Day.
What a perfect day to celebrate water with tea in my cup
and snow on the ground outside my window.
What would we do without water?
It would certainly be a different world.
I am thankful for the water I use each morning for my pot of tea,
for my shower, to clean my house, and wash my clothes.
Then I submerge myself in water several times a week for pure JOY and exercise too.
So let us rejoice, raise our cup of tea, and celebrate the water God has provided for us.

My cup is new to my collection and I just love
Johnson Brothers Strawberry Fair.
I love that I found it in March when the strawberries are
just beginning to gain a sweetness and taste so good from the market.


Steph said...

When I lived in the desert for 7 years, I learned to appreciate water for the true life-giving force that it is!

Karen's Place said...

Red, White, Strawberries and Tea with fresh water. All is right with the world!

koralee said...

Oh I did not know this...thanks for sharing...we are blessed!
I complain a lot about the rain and snow what it really is a blessing.
Hope your evening is going well my to you. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Yes, water is indeed a blessing.

Tracy said...

LOVELY post and reminder, Marilyn. I often post about Earth matters, but missed posting, so was happy to come here and visit with you on water day! :o) I am so thankful for water. Last year when I was closing my old Etsy shop I gave half the proceeds to Charity.Water, a great water charity. So good to be able to help when we can, isn't it? Beautiful cup and cheery here today. Happy weekend, my friend. ((HUGS)) P.S. So delighted to know that you were so happy with the spring newsletter!

Jeanie said...

I need to dig up the name of my grandma's Johnson Brothers china -- not many pieces left, alas. It's not that one, but very similar! Love it!

Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

We are so lucky here in the Pacific NW to have such wonderful water right out of your taps. Thanks for the reminder to take a minute to really appreciate it. Lovely teacup.

Angela McRae said...

I didn't know Johnson Brothers made a strawberry patterned set. Lovely! And I have had a hankering to find some strawberry tea. Must be a spring thing!

Relyn said...

That is a beautiful image, my friend.